Hello 2017!

This poor blog has been so neglected and I’m making the commitment to keep it updated this year. To start this year off, I wanted to share the planners I intend to use this year and what I’m going to with each of them.


I’ve got myself all setup to use eight planners this year. Okay it sounds crazy, but seriously, I’m not going to be using each of them everyday. You know, as I’m typing this I realized I forgot my recipe and design team planner in the bunch, but it’s okay. So nine planners, total. WHEW!

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Me and my BIG news!


So as you all know, I’ve been a planner for awhile and a Happy Planner™ since January. My big, scary goal this year was to be a member of the me & my BIG ideas Design Team for the next round and somehow, I was chosen to be a member of this wonderful team! 

I’m bursting at the seams with excitement and I just want to shout it from the rooftops! I know that hundreds of planner girls applied and that I’m truly blessed. I also know that means there were a lot of broken hearts for the ones who didn’t make it. To those ladies, remember that the design team is just a few ladies in the BIG world of the planner community and your designs and creativity are actually what makes the planner community what it is!

I don’t even know if it has hit me in its entirety yet and part of me wonders if it ever will. I can remember walking by the Happy Planners™ at Michael’s and thinking they were so cute, but I told myself I was perfectly content with my bullet journal and I didn’t need to change. My bullet journal was my everything, thankyouverymuch. I even did a speech on it in my Communications class one semester and convinced a few people that they needed one too. (Can you imagine me having a speech on The Happy Planner™ now?! I would go on for DAYS.) Anyway, one day I saw the “Every Day Is a Gift” Happy Planner™ – it was on CLEARANCE and my eyes had hearts in them.


I knew as soon as it was in my hands that my world was about to change because I had seen so much “glam planning”, which was right up my alley as a papercrafter. And boy did it! I got my hands on all the washi I could find! I bought stickers and sticky notes all while my sweet husband didn’t complain one bit! (I have a real winner, y’all.)

In the beginning, I used anything and everything when it came to stickers and things. Then, I started to develop my style and taste and it seemed that most of the stuff I was using came from mambi. I saw that they had a design time and was always ogling over all of the beautiful things the team would create and that’s when I decided – I want in too. I want to inspire people and show them that anyone can be a planner. You don’t need all the stuff. You don’t need perfect handwriting. You just need a pen.

I am so grateful for the friendships I’ve made through The Happy Planner™. I thought it was so funny how when some of us met at Pinner’s Conference, it was like we already knew each other forever! This year is going to be so wonderful and I can’t wait to see what it brings!

To follow these awesome planner babes, head over to the mambi blog for links to their Instagrams and blogs!

Decorating Too Far Ahead

I’ve had my Happy Planner™ for five months now. When I first got it, I, like many others, just wanted to planplanplan and decorate the whole stinking thing! I bought all the washi I could find (even if I was just okay with the design), page flags, and luckily, didn’t buy too many planner sticker sets from Etsy. I did buy a couple from CricketPaperCo and I was so excited to use them that I just picked a couple of weeks out of the year that I thought would work with the designs I bought and went for it. Oops.

So I got this adorable “Under The Sea” themed sticker kit (note: I have no idea what it’s called and her shop is closed right now so I can’t see if it’s still available) and thought it would work for the summer. So I was like, hey maybe the first week of June would work perfect for this set! So I took out May 30-June 5 and got to sticking. I added some sea life stickers I had on hand and got it ready for the beach. I didn’t pay any attention to what holidays or events could be taking place AT ALL! So here’s what it turned out like, a “before the pen” if you will:


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Review: MAMBI Student Planner (August ’16-July ’17)

So, if you’re familiar with the Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI) Happy Planner line, you know they just released a TON of new products this recently including two Student Planners, a Teacher Planner, washi, stamps, and so much more! I purchased several of the products because I’m so in love with the new watercolor floral pattern, which is why I was drawn to the “Seize The Day” Student Planner, even though after next week, I won’t be a student for at least another year. I haven’t seen anyone else show theirs off, so I thought you lovelies might like a peek inside.

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So you want to start planning?


I remember picking up my Happy Planner™ and deciding to buy it. I walked past them at Michael’s for months and when they went on sale, I used it as my chance to get started. The first thing I thought was,”Where do I even start?” It can be overwhelming to look through all of the Instagram feeds and blogs and see all of the beautiful planner layouts! Luckily, I’m not new to the craft scene and it didn’t freak me out, but I thought I might give a few tips on the bare necessities you might need if you want to get started. By the way, no, I do not work for Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI), but I absolutely adore their products and you will see a lot of their products featured on my blog.

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